We may envision God in particles of light, and we may feel the Goddess in our throbbing hearts. We may see God in the light that shines in every human face, and we may feel the Goddess in the innate love that we feel for truth, beauty and all living things. God is the unchanging spirit, and some may say God is other worldly and unable to grasp. But the Goddess is the energy of life that is always changing form. She is the earth and sky, and the energy of fire, wind and rain. The Divine Mother holds us close, always protects us, and nourishes the body and soul of all of her children. We can feel her when we walk in nature and experience the pleasures of being alive here on earth.

There is no greater love than the love of the Mother Goddess. Millions of people all over the world believe that She is highly active twice a year during Navaratri. During this special time in the spring and the fall, the Goddess fights for the good of the world, fiercely slaying all that is hateful, corrupt and unethical. The Mother’s fight to protect the bliss of her children is unlike any other.

An important teaching of Patanjali, the father of yoga, is non-violence, which is a feminine principle accompanied by the acts of creating, sustaining, giving, protecting, caring and nurturing. However, all the principles of yoga philosophy must be fought for. There is a battle going on in each of us, deep in our hearts, in our souls, to be ethical, to always make the right decision, to choose the right thought, word and deed in every moment. When we live our lives based on the feminine principles, we honor the Goddess. To be mindful and conscious means more than watching random thoughts drift through your mind. To evolve we must actively replace the negative with the positive. This ultimate human battle is a difficult struggle, but the archetype of the Goddess within our human psychology can help to overcome the trials and tribulations of daily life, and even the deepest existential dilemma. Only the Divine Feminine within can help nurture our souls, there is nothing else, there is no other power so great. There is no greater union of spirit and matter than the Divine Mother.

To pay tribute to the Glory of the Goddess we can offer her flowers. Flowers are a bridge between spirit and form. They are truth and beauty. In the simple act of placing a flower on an altar, we perform an ancient ritual that calls on the Goddess. If we offer flower after flower, and a prayer with each flower, we open ourselves up to experience the fullness of the Divine Feminine. Then we can meditate and feel Her listening to our prayers. This is a way we can create positive change in our lives, and in the world.

The Glory of the Goddess is in the primordial nature of all living things. The Divine Mother lives in all of us. Let us praise Her!

Jai Ma!