Two days after the fire the house is just a pile of ashes, but there is already a sign of ashes turning into gold. The one thing that survived the inferno are pages from the only copy of my husband Jon’s book that he wrote. There were pages laying on top of the ashes with the corners burnt, and when I looked down the charred hill I saw pages everywhere, so I gathered them up into a bucket, this miracle in the ashes. Then I stopped to write this down because it was so unbelievable.

It is windy now, so before the pages blow away, I am going to look for any more that I might be able to save, clean off and put into plastic sleeves before their brittleness crumbles. It was definitely the most valuable thing in the house. He came very close to selling that book about 25 years ago.

Nothing is left, but Jon’s book must have been sucked out of the upstairs window by divine forces. Now this miracle has inspired him to rewrite the book and truly turn these ashes to gold. We have found some good in this fire, even as it still smolders.