We have been given the gift of the Sri Yantra
Vedic portal into superconsciousness
A gift given more than 12,000 years ago
Tantric symbol of cosmic unity
From a tradition of special imagination
A symbol with powerful effects on subtle energy
Meditation on mathematical perfection
Focus on the emptiness of the center
Look into the infinite and the eternal
Bringing understanding and liberation
Sacred geometry of 9 triangles
Making 43 smaller triangles
With a portal in the perfect center
Showing us the origin of the universe
Letting us see how reality came to be
Thought materializing into substance
Showing us as above, so below
Showing us as within, so without
Perfectly balanced, giving and receiving
Concentration on the center
Bringing cosmic power and mental strength
And revelations of universal truths
Symbolizing the unfoldment of creation
Central triangle emitting subtle energy
Perfectly centered and balanced
The primordial developing into the supreme
Beginning focus on the inner brings peace and harmony
Beginning focus on the outer brings chaos and destruction
Meditating, imagining phenomenal manifestation
Awakening the energy within
Focusing on the portal of the center
Brings awareness beyond time and space
Awareness of universal consciousness
Auspicious, important and powerful
Gift of inner cosmic power & mental strength
Geometric accumulation of magnetic energy
Magical power of changing our lives
Turning negative energy into constructive vibrations
Creating order out of chaos
Helping us to gain harmony in life
A gift of  prosperity and peace

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